About Us


We believe that product discovery should be fun, insightful and worthy of your time. In 2019, Gearaway was born to help increase awareness of emerging products, the brands behind them, and to give our community a chance to win these products through giveaways.

What We Do

Gearaway curates a custom catalog featuring products that we are excited about and support. We make it easy for users to get to know each product by presenting it in a simplified way. Users can understand how the product works with high-quality lifestyle photos, an insightful description, and highlights of notable features and functions.

During active giveaways, users can submit multiple entries through various actions such as engaging on social media, visiting a product page to learn more or merely subscribing to new giveaway announcements. During times when a giveaway is unavailable for a listed product, users can opt-in to receive an alert the next time the contest launches.


Do Business with Gearaway

Our giveaways provide strong brand and product exposure. We are very selective of the products featured on Gearaway, but if you believe you have a product that our users will love; we want to hear from you.

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